Five Year Old Flies From Delhi To Bengaluru, Meets Parents After 3 Months

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As domestic flight services resume from the 25th of May, a 5 year old boy travelled from Delhi to Bengaluru alone.   The boy travelled to his parents in Bengaluru after 3 months.

Five year old Vihaan, wearing a face mask, gloves and special category ticket travelled alone under supervision of the airport staff and cabin crew.

Vihaan’s mother said, “My five year old son Vihaan has travelled alone from Delhi, he has come back to Bengaluru after three months.”  Vihaan was stuck in Delhi with his grandparents due to the lockdown, which started from the 24th of March.   Vihaan’s parents tried to get him back home but due to suspended travel services, they could not bring back Vihaan to Bengaluru, Karnataka.

On the 25th of May, when the aviation services started this 5 year old happily went back his home to meet his parents after a long time.

Bengaluru Airport took to Twitter and said, “Welcome home, Vihaan! #BLRairport is constantly working towards enabling the safe return of all our passengers.”

Though the flights resumed from the 25th of May, flyers faced a lot of sudden cancellation of flights.   While 80 flights were cancelled in Delhi, 20 cancellations were reported from Bengaluru.

While many states started airline services from the 25th of May, Andhra Pradesh and West Bengal is scheduled to start aviation service from the 26th of May and 28th of May.

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