#GoBackAmitShah Trending Twitter With Hilarious Responses

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#GoBackAmitShah Trending Twitter With Hilarious Responses

The hashtag GoBackAmitShah started trending on Twitter earlier this morning as Shah made his way to Tamil Nadu. Many took to Twitter to post hilarious responses to the new hashtag.

Many showed anger towards the politician arriving in their State. However, some claim the hate was from a minority by sharing pictures of huge Amit Shah posters put up in Chennai.

Amit Shah is visiting Chennai for BJP’s 2019 Lok Sabha Election preparation meetings. By 9:30 A.M., there were 13K tweets and retweets with the hashtag #GoBackAmitShah.

In April, the hashtag #GoBackModi was trending when Modi visited the State during the Cauvery Board issue. The Tamilians have been against the BJP party for a very long time. Tamil Nadu is one of the few states where the BJP has never held power.

Some of the funny tweets posting for the hashtag


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