The Government Of Rajasthan Spreads Religious Conspiracies


Love Jihad and Christian Agendas, new conspiracies to drive and promote the Hindu way of life. The Rajasthan Government has urged students of government and private schools to visit a five day fair held in Jaipur that cautions women about Love Jihad and Christians with a mission. The fair aims at warning girls to beware of Muslim and Christian men luring them to convert to their respective religions. This particular news story proves what a backward thinking country we live in. We pride ourselves to be a country living peacefully among multiple religions. Yet we judge bad human behavior based on faith.

The organizers of this Spiritual Fair promotes claims such as Muslims and Christians getting paid for converting others to their religion. Bogus conspiracies such as these push us down on the development scale.

The pamphlets circulated at the fair raises eyebrows. As they suggest stalking and intruding women’s personal lives as a way to save them from falling prey to these apparent religious soldiers. The pamphlet reads, “Check your daughter’s mobile phone, who does she call, whose numbers are saved in the mobile, what and who do they text, checking all this will give you a lot of information.”

What comes as a bigger surprise is, Education Minister of Rajasthan, Vasudev Devnani gave the order for students of private and government schools to attend the fair. One of the sections in the pamphlet attack Bollywood actors, Saif Ali Khan and Aamir Khan as masters of Love Jihad. These fringe groups state the actors marry Hindu women just to ensnare them and finally dessert them.

Some of the ridiculous claims go as far as stating an act of kindness is a way used by these “jihadists” to trap innocent girls. The pamphlet gives the example of men offering their seat in the bus to women as a way to lure them.

People choose religion as a way of life but immoral humans exist everywhere. The mentality that religion shapes a good or a bad person is a flawed way of thinking. To be able to grow as a country, we need to rise above our difference and accept each other for whichever faith they choose to take. Our constitution clearly gives every citizen the right to follow and believe in anything they deem fit.


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