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The crimes of the self proclaimed godman Gurmeet Ram Rahim doesn’t stop at rape. The man who has been kept behind bars has much darker secrets lurking in the establishment he ran.

To begin with, he had a group of castrated followers who were his private army. He even had a qubani dal (sacrifice group) that carried out all of his dirty work. But the worst of them all were the women who he appointed as his personal henchwomen to catch him fresh meat.

Ram Rahim has been diagnosed as a sex addict by the doctors in prison and has said his health is deteriorating due to being locked up.

The henchwomen were once young meat for the godman who later succumbed to his treacherous way of life. The women then found new pretty girls and sent them through a cave that connected the woman’s hostel to Ram Rahim’s personal room. The young girls were forced to satisfy the twisted pleasures of Ram Rahim whenever he pleased.

Ram Rahim manipulated these women to such extents that they were willing to put young girls into a horrendous practice they were once part of and pushed the girls into harm’s way.

These henchwomen were also tasked to take care of all the girls he ended up impregnating. The henchwomen would terminate the pregnancies and send the girls back into the cave.

The women would separate the new girls into two groups, the prettier ones were kept in the line of sight for Ram Rahim and the rest were made to do the cleaning around Dera Sacha Sauda.

Four of the prettiest girls would be kept outside the cave and said it was for protection. Every night one of the girls would be sent in and after Ram Rahim ‘purified’ them, the girls were not allowed to mingle with anyone else to ensure the dirt remained a secret.

This is all shocking enough to term Ram Rahim as a psychopath but things get worse. The girls who objected Ram Rahim’s purification method (as he called it) were tortured by the henchwomen.

The punishment would involve either starving the girls or beat them up black and blue.

A former Dera follower, Gurdas Singh Toor said, “There was a big room which was called the ‘Man Sudhar Kamra’ (mind improvement room) near room number 50, which was used to torture the rape victims and the girls who refused to enter the Gufa. The victim was asked to sit on a chair and then a group of women (henchwomen) would come and thrash her. A similar punishment was meted out to the male followers. Their faces were blackened and they were paraded on donkeys when caught staring at girls.”

The disappointing part about all of this is that action has still not been taken against these henchwomen.

Toor further said, “No action has been taken against these dangerous women. While most of the Sadhvis have left the Dera, three henchwomen, who were witness to a number of sexual abuse cases, are still inside. One of them has even been mentioned in a CBI charge sheet but no action has been taken against her. One of the women who aborted pregnancies of raped followers is still inside the Dera.”

It was also reported that many Haryana politicians visited this corrupted inhumane place of Ram Rahim and were treated to the finest wine, women and money. This was how Ram Rahim managed to avoid arrest for 10 whole years.

Authorities have been searching the premises of Dera Sacha Sauda for days as it covers nearly 500 acres. But recent reports that are yet to be verified suggest that the so called godman was running an organ racket as well. Many dead bodies were found at the Dera Sacha Sauda Hospital that indicates Ram Rahim’s crimes go further than just raping women.

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