India Crosses 2 lakh COVID-19 Cases With 8,909 New Cases

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On the 3rd of June, 71st day of the nation wide lockdown named as Unlock 1, India recorded a total of 2,07,615 cases of the Novel Coronavirus or COVID-19.

The 3rd of June is the 9th consecutive day of India reporting 7,000 plus single day hike in just 24 hours.     On the 2nd of June, the Health Ministry of India confirmed 8,909 fresh cases of the Novel Coronavirus, taking the total of 2,07,615.  

Though the number of COVID-19 cases are increasing rapidly, the recovery rate has also improved to 48 % from previous 42 %.

The Health Ministry of India said as many as 1,00,303 recovered/discharged and 1,01,497 are active cases of the virus with 5,815 deaths.

After Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Delhi, Gujarat, Rajasthan were also reported to have good numbers of COVID-19 cases and worst hit due to the Novel Coronavirus.

Maharashtra has 72,300 cases, Tamil Nadu has 24,586 cases, Delhi (22,132,) Gujarat (17,632,) Rajasthan (9,379,) Uttar Pradesh (8,729,) Madhya Pradesh (8,420) and West Bengal (6,168.) 

Other top states with COVID-19 cases below 4,000 are  Bihar (4,049,) Karnataka (3,796.)

Andhra Pradesh (3,791,) Telangana (2,891,) Jammu and Kashmir (2,718,) Haryana (2,652) and Punjab (2,342.)

The increase in cases is a matter of concern for the nation, as the Central Government resumed flight and train services.   Under the 1st phase of Unlock 1, religious places, restaurants and shopping malls are also allowed to open from the 8th of June.   

These reopenings of public places may bring a drastic hike in the number of cases from already existing numbers.

The 5th phase of the nation wide lockdown would only be applicable to containment zones in 13 worst hit cities of India, whereas Unlock 1 would be applicable in other zones, closed since the 24th of March.

The nation would open in three different phases.  The lockdown 5.0.,  and Unlock 1 would continue till the 30th of June, following which the Central Government would think of Unlock 2.

Stay tuned for further updates.


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