India Report 724 COVID-19 Cases And 17 Deaths

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India on the 27th of March, reported a total of 724 Novel Coronavirus or COVID-19 cases and 17  casualties. The numbers increased drastically in less than 24 hours. Despite the nationwide lockdown, this new development  is disappointing.

The virus affected 5,22,749 people globally and claimed 23,621 lives.  The illness which was first discovered in China has become a pandemic with no strong and proven cure.  While scientists and doctors are trying to make a vaccine or antidote for the virus, governments of several nations are on their toes to fight the situation in every possible way.

The Indian Government ceased all  transport services, export and import, domestic and international flights and announced a nationwide lockdown, till the 15th of April.  The 27th of March is the 3rd day of the Nationwide lockdown. Strict guidelines have been imposed and police forces are deployed to overview the situation and assure no one violates the guidelines.

At the shops providing essential commodities, circles of 3 metre radius were made, so people could stand  maintaining that distance. Also, these shops are selling products at a certain time schedule. However, the Maharashtra Government and Delhi Government announced these essentials selling markets to be open 24X7 for the public during the lockdown.

Under the lockdown guidelines, shops and services which would be available on a regular basis are:

  • Ration Shops
  • Fruits and Vegetable shops
  • Dairy and milk booths
  • Banks and ATMs
  • Pharmacies
  • Government facilities, electricity, water and sanitation
  • Petrol pumps and manufacturing units for essential commodities.

The Indian Government is also doing everything possible to help the people who are daily wage labourers, the underprivileged and the working class with a 1.7 lakh crore relief package including several schemes for welfare.

Many Members of the Legislative Assembly (MLAs) and Members of Parliament (MPs) of many parties, donated their salaries for the precautionary measure and to enhance the medical facilities to fight the COVID-19.

Police also took charge and started distributing food and vegetables to houses in places like Kolkata, Punjab, Haryana and Rajasthan.

Stay tuned for further updates about the COVID-19.


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