India Reports Highest Spike In COVID-19Infections, Total Cases At 96,169

On the 18th of May, India reported the highest spike in the cases of the Novel Coronavirus or COVID-19 infections.

According to the Union Health Ministry, approximately 5,242 new cases of the Novel Coronavirus were reported during the last 24 hours, increasing the total to 96,169.   The death cases also took a massive hike with 157, taking the total to 3,029 till the 18th of May.

In Maharashtra, the infection cases climbed to 33,053 followed by Gujarat with 11,380 cases, Tamil Nadu 11,224  of COVID-19 so far.

The National Capital reported  10,054 cases of the Novel Coronavirus infections and Rajasthan crossed 5,000 cases and stood at 5,342.

Other states which have reported more than 4,000 cases are Madhya Pradesh (4,977) and Uttar Pradesh (4,464.)

States and Union Territories that have reported more than 2,000 cases are West Bengal (2,677)  and Andhra Pradesh (2,380.) 

States with cases under 2,000 are Punjab (1,964,) Telangana (1,551,) Bihar (1,326,) Jammu and Kashmir (1,183,) Karnataka (1,147) Haryana (910,) Odisha (847,) Kerala (602,) Jharkhand (223,) Chandigarh (191,) Tripura (165,) Assam (92,) Uttarakhand (85,) Himachal Pradesh 80,)  and Goa (29.)

Meanwhile, Globally, 4,801,875 people have been infected and the death toll now stands at 316,732

Stay tuned for further updates.


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