India Successfully Tests The Supersonic Interceptor Missile

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India Successfully Tests The Supersonic Interceptor Missile

Today India had another successful day in the field of science and technology. India managed to successfully test a Star Wars like system that destroys oncoming hostile missiles.

India is the fourth Country in the world to master the technology of destroying one missile with another missile. The test took place at Wheeler Island off the Odisha Coast at 9:45 A.M. The supposed hostile missile was a modified Prithvi missile. The Ministry of Defense confirmed the test for the indigenously developed Advanced Air Defense supersonic interceptor missile was a huge success.

The supersonic interceptor missile is designed to destroy any incoming ballistic missiles at low altitude. In today’s test, the supersonic missile intercepted the ballistic missile within 30 Km altitude of the Earth’s atmosphere.

A news channel reported this was the ninth attempt for this futuristic air defense system. The Prithvi missile was launched from the Integrated Missile Test Range in Chandipur. This interceptor is a single stage solid fueled missile and travels five times faster than the speed of sound.

India is working towards developing even more advanced missile defense systems to intercept faster moving ballistic missiles. The United States, Russia and Israel are the only other countries who have mastered this technology.


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