India To Celebrate Eid Al Adha On July 21st, Zul Hijjah Begins Today, the 12th of July

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With the beginning of Zul Hijjah today, the 12th of July, Eid ul Adha would be celebrated on the 21st of July in India. 

On the evening of the 11th of July, places like Kolkata, Odisha, Muzaffarpur, Patna, Nagpur and Gulbarga witnessed the new Moon , marking the beginning of Zul Hijjah.

Though the new Moon was not sighted in Hyderabad due to the heavy rainfall, Moulana Syed Mohammed Qubool Pasha Qadri and the members of the Hyderabad Ruyat e Hilal Committee conducted a meeting. The meeting was held at their Moazzam Jahi Market office, and declared the 12th of July, Monday as the first day of Zul Hijjah. Moulana Mufti Khaleel Ahmed, Moulana Syed Hasan Ibrahim Hussaini, Moulana Syed Mufti Saqir Ahmed and others attended the meeting.

Significance of Zul Hijjah and Eid al Adha?

Zul Hajjah, which begins after the sight of the new Moon and after 9 days of Zul Hajjah, on the 10th day, Muslims around the world celebrate Eid al Adha, also known as Bakra Eid, Bakrid, Eid Qurban or Qurban Bayarami. This second major Islamic festival commemorates Prophet Ibrahim’s absolute dedication to Allah, with the significance of the “feast of sacrifice.” While Zul Hajjah begins today, after 9 days of fasting, Arafah (the day of making amends for all sins in the month of Hajj) would be celebrated on the 9th day of Zul Hajj (month of pilgrimage) and the 10th day would be Eid al Adha.

It is to be noted Zul Hajjah is also the last, 12th month of the Islamic Calendar also known as Lunar Hijri Calendar. It is also the month of pilgrimage, for performing Hajj.

The celebration in India begins a day after Saudi Arabia marked the beginning of the festival. In Saudi Arabia, the committee announced the dates through a tweet. The tweet read, “BREAKING NEWS | The Crescent for the month of Dhul Hijjah 1442 was NOT SEEN today,

Hajj on 19 July 2021

Eid Al Adha on 20 July 2021.”

Since the crescent moon (first seen in 1442) was not sighted on the 9th of July, 2021, Hajj in Saudi Arabia would be performed by Muslims on the 19th of July, 2021 while Eid al Adha or Bakra Eid would be celebrated on the 20th of July.

Meanwhile, this time there would be no foreign pilgrims performing Hajj in Saudi Arabia, Mecca. Only 60,000 people of the United Emirates Arab (UEA,) would perform Hajj, following all the guidelines of the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19.)

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