Instagram Likely To Launch Reels In India, Potential Replacement Of TikTok

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Instagram is likely to introduce a TikTok application like feature named “Reels,” in India for its users.

After the Government of India (GoI) banned 59 Chinese apps including TikTok, many Indian programmers and application developers introduced a few alternatives to TikTok. Roposo, Chingari, Mitro, Moj are few alternatives for the recently banned TikTok.

Apart from Indian apps, the social media platform, Instagram also started developing a new feature to rival it. TikTok like features called Reels allows users to record a15 seconds videos and upload it to the app.

According to the media, a Facebook spokesperson confirmed that they have started testing Reels in India.

The spokesperson said, “Reels is a fun, creative way for people to both express themselves and be entertained.”

A feature like stories, Reels would allow users to either record a silent video or record by searching trending songs.

Audio from other Reels can also be used as an overlay to a video clip. Popular audio clips or snippets will be listed in Reels in a separate page when they start trending.

This is just a feature on Instagram, which is available for a few users after downloading an updated version for trials.

The launch date of Reels for wide users is yet to be announced.

In India approximately 88 million people are active Instagram users, ranking second as per the 2020 April report.

The first country with a large number of Instagram users (120 millions) is the United States of America.

Facebook owned Instagram launched Reels, in France and Germany and was tested in Brazil as well in 2018.

Stay tuned for further updates.


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