Is China Responsible For COVID-19 Being A Pandemic Disease?

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It has been almost 3 months since the outbreak of the Novel Coronavirus or COVID-19 in the world.  In late December 2019, the virus was first discovered in Wuhan, China claiming several lives and infecting thousands of people.   What was expected to be a short term medical crisis has now become a pandemic disease, giving a tough time to 144 countries and several cities.

The Chinese Government released an outlet regarding illness due to the Novel Coronavirus which was said to be similar to Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS)  The report was released on the 26th of December 2019 and claimed the disease to be flu like infection and not a serious situation. China failed to share accurate information and misled not only the people of China but other countries as well.  Even in the late January 2020, the reports of Chinese health care suggested the virus to be seasonal flu, not being transmitted from human to human.

The revelation regarding the disease happened when the New York Times reported, “the (Chinese) Government’s initial handling of the epidemic allowed the virus to gain a tenacious hold. At critical moments, officials chose to put secrecy and order ahead of openly confronting the growing crisis to avoid public alarm and political embarrassment.”

Besides that, the New York Times,  also wrote how China did not inform the World Health Organisation (WHO,) about the Novel Coronavirus.

Who is responsible for this situation, where 16,000 people lost lives and more than 3 lakh people are said to be infected.

The WHO, which declared the Novel Coronavirus a pandemic disease, recently reported the COVID-19, near to the 14th of February 2020, when many were infected in Wuhan, China.

China is legally responsible for the situation the World is in.  If China would have informed and performed its responsibility, then the number of deaths would have reduced  by a few.

Till date, COVID-19 claimed 17,000 lives and left more than 3 lakhs injured.  The situation is getting worse day by day and the solution to control the situation looks difficult.  People are advised to stay indoors and isolate themselves, if they are getting symptoms like chill, nausea, dry cough, fever, they need to take COVID-19 tests and follow precautions.


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