Jet Airways Passenger Detained For A Happy Bomb

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On Monday a man was taken into custody after he was heard talking about a “happy bomb” at Cochin International Airport Limited. A Jet Airways worker overheard the man and immediately informed the authorities.

The accused identified as Clince Varghese from Thrissur district was scheduled to board Jet Airways flight 9W 825 Cochin to Mumbai. The supervisory officer informed the CISF and the domestic terminal manager regarding the issue.

The man was taken off the flight and his baggage was thoroughly checked. The authorities handed Clince to the police who questioned him. During questioning, Clince explained “happy bomb” was an expression of happiness to a friend in Mumbai. The person accompanying Clince was also detained and questioned.

The remaining passengers were offloaded from the flight for a complete security check. The flight which was scheduled to leave at 12:05 P.M., was delated by two hours and took off only at 14:02 hours.


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