Kathua Rape Case: Father Of Victim Asks SC To Transfer Trail To Chandigarh

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Kathua Rape Case: Father Of Victim Asks SC To Transfer Trail To Chandigarh

The father of the 8 year old girl who was brutally raped and murdered in Jammu asked the Supreme Court to transfer the trail to Chandigarh. The broken up father made this request due to the backlash and lack of security for his family.

The father’s lawyer was quoted saying, “We are apprehensive that the trial will not happen peacefully, seeing the condition in Jammu… Seeing that lawyers opposed it in Kathua and did not let the chargesheet proceed.”

The trial against the 8 accused of rape and murder began today. Surprisingly the group has pleaded not guilty. The defending lawyer stated his clients were willing to take a narco test to prove their innocence.

This case has caused widespread anger in the country with people demanding immediate and strict action against those involved. The incident occurred in January and the police involved fabricated evidence to protect themselves. Things started getting out of hand when BJP and Congress leaders supported and defended the accused.

Two BJP Minister set their resignation to Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti’s Cabinet. This was done after the two ministers were part of a rally in favor of the group behind the horrific crime.

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