Sun, 21 January 2018. 04:13

The Nizamuddin Dargah head priest and his nephew went missing in Pakistan during the last week. External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj on Friday said that she took up this matter and has approached the Pakistan ministry about this.

Sushma Swaraj tweeted, “We have taken up this matter with (the) Government of Pakistan and requested them for an update on both the Indian nationals in Pakistan.” She also added, “Indian nationals Syed Asif li Nizami aged 80 years and his nephew Nazim Ali Nizami had gone to Pakistan on 8 March 2017.” Syed Asif, the head priest was on a visit to Pakistan to be with his ailing sister in Karachi. Nizami is a frequent visitor to Pakistan for relatives and the Sufi shrines, also went missing,

Syed Wazir Nizami, a Karachi based relative, speaking to a news daily said, “They had gone to Lahore on March 14 to visit Daata Darbar (shrine) and were scheduled to return to Karachi in the evening of March 15 by Shaheen Air, flight no. NL149.” He also added that, “While they were at the Lahore airport, I received a call from the airport. The caller did not tell his name, and mentioned that certain papers of my cousin Nazim were incorrect and so he was being detained and will not be able to travel to Karachi.’’

Wazir also said that he was able to speak to Asif when the Shaheen Air Flight landed at Karachi. He said that at 6:00 P.M., “Asif (sic) uncle did not come out of the airport even after hours had passed. When Shaheen Air officials at Lahore airport were approached, they said that some people had come and taken Asif with them…it was quite mysterious.”

Syed Asif’s phone number and the anonymous caller’s numbers have been passed to the Indian High Commission in Islamabad, who have immediately taken up the matter into their hands and started an investigation.

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