Odd and Even Rule To Be Implemented In Delhi Without Exceptions

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Odd and Even Rule To Be Implemented In Delhi Without Exceptions

The odd even scheme will be implemented in Delhi soon without any exceptions. Arvind Kejriwal’s Government submitted an action plan to curb pollution to the National Green Tribunal.

Last month, the odd even rule was implemented but with exceptions. The odd even rule was excepted for two wheelers, women, vehicles with school children and VVIPs. These exceptions were immediately objected by the Green Court.

Earlier, when the Court said no exceptions would be tolerated the Aam Aadmi Party Government canceled the plan. One of the Ministers claimed the reason was, “We cannot compromise on women’s security.”

The Government has also decided to stop construction work and ban entry of trucks when Delhi’s pollution levels reach severe.

The odd and even rule is simple giving alternate days to odd and even vehicle number plates to travel. The rule is one day only vehicles with their number plate ending with an even number (2,4,6,8) will be allowed on the roads. On the next day, only number plates ending in an odd number (3,5,7,9) will be allowed to hit the streets.


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