Odisha Government Announces Lockdown Extension Officially

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The Odisha Government, on the 9th of April, officially announced the extension of the ongoing lockdown.  

The 21 day Nationwide lockdown imposed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi is going to end on the 15th of April.  However, Naveen Patnaik, the Chief Minister of Odisha, concerned about the situation due to the Novel Coronavirus extended the lockdown till the 30th of April.

Odisha is the first State to officially announce to extend the lockdown till date.

Naveen Patnaik addressed the citizens of Odisha through video and said, “The State Cabinet which met today decided that saving the lives of our people is the topmost priority at this juncture.”

Odisha reported a total of 44 cases of the Novel Coronavirus infection with 1 deceased.

The Odisha Chief Minister also urged Prime Minister Narendra Modi to extend the Nationwide lockdown and not restart railway and airline services as of now.

However, the final decision regarding the lifting of the Nationwide lockdown would be taken on the 11th of April, during the second all India party meeting.

Chaired by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the meeting would discuss the situation and the prevention measures to curb the spread of the Coronavirus.  The infectious virus killed as many as 184 people and infected 6,217 in India.

Stay tuned for further updates about COVID-19.


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