Pawan Kalyan: TDP And BJP Failed Andhra Pradesh

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Pawan Kalyan: TDP And BJP Failed Andhra Pradesh

Jana Sena Chief Pawan Kalyan attacked the TDP and the BJP stating the two parties failed Andhra Pradesh. This comes after TDP Chief and AP Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu attacked BJP during a midnight press conference.

Mr. Naidu attacked the BJP after losing the No Confidence motion and questioning why the Center betrayed them. At the press conference Naidu said, “It was the PM who colluded with a corrupt party (YSR Congress party) for political gains and hurt the interests of the state. The TDP has been fighting in the parliament, while YSRCP President Jaganmohan Reddy is busy attending court over his corruption cases. Pawan Kalyan is on Twitter since morning. These two parties won’t say a word against the BJP.”

Pawan Kalyan tweeted in response, “TDP deceived the people and damaged the interests of the state as much as BJP did.” Attacked Naidu further Kalyan questioned, “Your long experience, administrative capabilities are unable to protect the state. It’s not that we aren’t aware of the fact that how many times you and your party have changed their word on Special Category Status in the last four years.”

Pawan went on to point out,  “How should we understand your leaders touching Narendra Modi’s feet? In the same meeting, your (TDP) MPs accuse Modi and on the other hand, your MPs will touch his feet. How should we understand this?”

After bifurcation Andhra Pradesh faced a number of problems due to not having a capital in the State. In the bifurcation, Telangana got Hyderabad which was originally the capital of Andhra Pradesh. Since then the Andhra Pradesh Government demanded a Special Category Status for the State. The status will ensure more money is sent towards the State for quicker development. The BJP said it would give Andhra the status, this led to the TDP joining forces with the BJP. But the BJP has denied the status to Andhra after coming to power in 2014. According to the Center, the State received large amounts of funds but failed to show any progress.

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