PM Modi, Amit Shah And VP Venkaiah Naidu Share Greetings On National Press Day

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, on the 16th of November, extended his greetings for the National Press Day. 

Mr. Modi said, “From creating mass awareness about important issues to contributing to a behavioural change in society for the larger good, we have seen how the media as a valued stakeholder has furthered the efforts of the government and helped many initiatives like Swachh Bharat and water conservation grow into mass movements in the last few years.”

Amit Shah, the Home Minister of India, also extended greetings for the National Press Day.

Mr. Shah took to Twitter and praised the role of the media, especially during the pandemic of the Novel Coronavirus.

Mr. Shah in his tweet said,“Greetings on #NationalPressDay. Our media fraternity is working tirelessly towards strengthening the foundations of our great nation.  (The) Modi govt (Government) is committed towards the freedom of Press and strongly oppose those who throttle it.  I applaud Media’s remarkable role during COVID-19.”

Besides Amit Shah, Vice President of India Venkaiah Naidu also tweeted on the occasion.

Mr. Naidu said, “My Greetings to all the media professionals on National Press Day.  Media plays a key role in strengthening democracy and in informing & empowering the citizens.  I laud the media persons for keeping the people informed continuously during the pandemic.”

The Nation celebrates the National Press Day on the 16th of November to mark the day when the Press Council of India (PCI) was instituted in 1966. 

In 1966, the Press Council of India was constituted, representing a  free and responsible press in India. 

The PCI is a moral watchdog ensuring journalists in the country remain unbiased and not driven by external factors.


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