PM Modi To Address The Nation On 3rd April

After concluding the video conference with the CMs of all the states, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, took to Twitter and posted a tweet informing, he would share a video message with Indians.

PM Modi took to his official Twitter handle and said, “At 9 AM tomorrow morning, I’ll share a small video message with my fellow Indians.

कल सुबह 9 बजे देशवासियों के साथ मैं एक वीडियो संदेश साझा करूंगा।”

It is believed Mr. Modi would share something important related to the ongoing lockdown.   As of now, India is under a 21 day lockdown, which started on the 25th of March.

The lockdown was announced as a precautionary measure to fight the pandemic illness which killed 66 people and infected 2,372 people till date.

The highest number of cases reported was from Maharashtra (419,) followed by Tamil Nadu (309,) Kerala (286,) Delhi (219,) Andhra Pradesh (135,) Rajasthan (133,) Telangana (127,) Karnataka (121,) Uttar Pradesh (121,) Madhya Pradesh (98,) Gujarat (87,) Jammu and Kashmir (70,) Haryana (49,) Punjab (47,) West Bengal (37,) Bihar (24,) Chandigarh (17,) Assam (16,) Ladakh (13,) Andamana and Nicobar Island(10,) Chhattisgarh (9,) Uttarakhand (7,) Goa (5,) Odisha (5,) Himachal Pradesh(3,) Puducherry(3,) Manipur (2,) Arunachal Pradesh (1,) Jharkhand (1) and Mizoram (1.)


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