Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Visit To Palestine

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Visit To Palestine
Prime Minister Narendra Modi is on his way to Palestine today to strengthen political and economic ties. India was one of the earliest champions towards the Palestine cause. But in the recent years, India has looked towards Israel for military equipment and anti terrorism cooperation.
PM Modi continues to state he is for the Palestinian cause and adds this trip will focus on helping Palestine increase its capacity. Modi will focus on health, information technology and education in Palestine.
Joint Secretary in the Indian Foreign Minister B. Bala Bhaskar said, “We have dehyphenated our relations with Palestine and Israel and now we see them both as mutually independent and exclusive and as part of this policy the prime minister is undertaking this visit.”The two countries are also involved in building an India Palestinian technology park in Ramallah. The Park will work towards developing its IT expertise and generate employment.

Palestine President Mahmoud Abbas said he plans to discuss India’s role in bringing peace to this disputed region. President Abbas said, “We believe in the importance of a possible Indian role… to reach a final agreement based on international consensus and resolutions, in which India and other countries can be part of.”

India was among the 127 countries who protested against the United States President Trump declaring Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. The status of Jerusalem is one of the longest issues standing between Palestine and Israel. India stands for an independent and consistent status for the country of Palestine. This will be the fourth meeting between PM Modi and President Abbas



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