Rahul Dravid is the man who truly deserves an applause for leading the U19 cricket team to its fourth victory in the World Cup. After the match, the head coach Dravid said, “I am really proud of the boys, proud of the effort that they have put in and proud of the support staff as well.”

He further added, “I think the effort we have put in over the last 14 months have been sensational. They really deserved this, couldn’t be really happier and proud for this bunch of boys. It’s really nice for them and hopefully it’s a memory they’ll cherish for a long time, and hopefully it’s not a memory that defines them and they will have a lot more bigger and better memories as they go on ahead in their careers.”

Dravid praised the support staff as well and said, “Coaching this team I tend to get a lot of attention, but it is really about the quality of support staff that we have had, there have been seven, eight of us who have been together for the last 14 months, the effort they put in was incredible.”

He ended with, “I am proud to be a part of their (support staff) team and I see it as that. We try and do what’s best for the kids and hopefully they can put in the performances on the field and they have certainly done that in this tournament,” he concluded by saying.”

The U19 Indian team beat Australia by 8 wickets today in New Zealand during the U19 World Cup Tournament.