Rahul Gandhi And PM Modi Address Public Rally For Bihar Assembly Elections

Rahul Gandhi, the former President of the Indian National Congress (INC) and Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed public rallies for the Bihar Assembly Elections 2020.

During the rallies Mr. Rahul and PM Modi launched a scathing attack on each other.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi once again said that he does not talk about the problems such as unemployment that our country confronts in his speeches.

Mr. Modi said “Save Bihar From ‘Jungle Raj’ in Darbhanga rally.

Meanwhile, Rahul Gandhi attacked Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar over unemployment and the issue of migration during his second round of campaigning in the ongoing state assembly elections.

Addressing a rally at West Champaran district’s Balmiki Nagar, Rahul Gandhi said he was pained to see that Prime Minister Modi’s effigy was burnt in Punjab on the occasion of Dussehra, and added that it reflected the “anger” of youths and farmers. He said, “Youths and farmers of Punjab and Bihar and youths of Uttar Pradesh are angry that our PM keeps making speeches with the Bihar Chief Minister and talks about other countries, but not the problems confronting our country such as unemployment.”

Mr. Gandhi also added, prime minister Narendra Modi and the Bihar Chief Minister used to raise the issue of unemployment earlier but now they don’t anymore.

During the rally, Rahul Gandhi said, “Now, the PM does not say in his speeches that he would give two crore jobs. Because the people of Bihar have realised that he had lied. I can guarantee that if the PM comes today and promises two crore jobs to youths, perhaps the crowd would shoo him off, telling him that he had lied.”

Criticising the Centre over the three recently passed farm laws, he said its “pilot project” was implemented in Bihar in 2006 when the mandi system was abolished in the state.

Rahul Gandhi said, “What Nitish Kumar did in Bihar in 2006, Narendra Modi is doing in Punjab, Haryana and across the country.”

Meanwhile, during PM Modi’s Bihar election rallies, he slammed the Indian National Congress.

Mr. Modi said, “want to know from the people of Patna, I want to know from the people of Bihar, could Bihar dream of becoming an IT-hub in Jungle Raj? Whether ‘Yuvraj of Jungle Raj’, he can take Bihar forward in the field of IT, or in any area of modernity.”

Today, the 28th of October, Bihar completed first phase of the Assembly election with a total of 53.47 % voters turnout.

The remaining two phases for the Bihar Assembly seats are scheduled to be held on the 3rd of November and the 7th of November respectively.

The results of the Bihar Assembly elections would be announced on the 10th of November.

Stay tuned for further updates.


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