Section 377: Explaining The Importance Of Love To Homophobes

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Section 377: Explaining The Importance Of Love To Homophobes

The Supreme Court finally decriminalized Section 377, which criminalized homosexual relationships, sending out mixed emotions around the Country. This section relates to criminalizing the gay community. However, the Apex Court took a stand and stated the section was unconstitutional.

Section 377 was introduced by the British who characterized carnal sex as against the law of nature. This law was embedded into the Indian Constitution criminalizing homosexuality, until yesterday.

This change received different sets of reactions. While the LGBTQ community rejoiced, a few others decided to scorn. As we live in the 21st Century where everything has evolved to greater heights, it would be foolish to punish people for their sexual orientation.   

Many believe being homosexual is unnatural and against religious principles but, it is important to understand we all have free will. Abolishing Section 377 ensures true freedom among the masses. The LGBTQ community is shunned heavily by many narrow minded people and abolishing this unduly restrictive Section was the first step in the right direction.

A few things can be characterized as right or wrong but everything is not black and white, a lot can be subjective. This means if you are not gay does not mean it is wrong. Love is universal and comes in all shapes, sizes and preferences. The Court deciding to abolish Section 377, makes life easier for many but, this is only the beginning.

The LGBTQ community still needs rights just like the rest of us, including the right to marry the person of their choosing. However, the Bharatiya Janata Party, which has the majority in the Rajya Sabha, is very displeased with this decision.

Rajya Sabha lawmaker from the BJP Subramanian Swamy, decided to give his two cents on the matter.  Defining homosexuality as a genetic disorder, Swamy stated, “This verdict could give rise to other issues such as increase in the number of HIV cases, gay bars.”

Swamy’s statement of increased HIV cases is nothing but ignorance. In fact, while debating the validity of Section 377, the Court stated it would help HIV patients receive the proper treatment.

As carnal sex was criminalized, many who were infected by the virus due to the so called illegal act remained in fear. This only prevented citizens from getting the necessary medical help. But fear keeps these people at bay who eventually die due to lack of treatment.

Just as there is negativity there is also some good in the world. Many celebrities took to Twitter to announce this as the day all love was accepted. Love is love and anyone who says otherwise is based on hate and hate is something this world needs to eradicate.








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