Supreme Court Bans Fireworks in Delhi And NCR

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The Supreme Court has stuck to its decision about banning the sale of firecrackers in New Delhi and the National Capital Region. The ban will be effective till the 1st of November.

Last year, the Supreme Court announced the suspension of all licenses that, “permit sale of fireworks, wholesale and retail within the territory of NCR.”

The ban was imposed after Delhi was left with a thick blanket of toxic fog on the day after Diwali. The air quality index spikes up 42 times the safe limit in Delhi during Diwali.

The Bench headed by A. K. Sikri reserved its order after a plea was made to lift the ban. But this year the ban was put into action again.

WHO released a survey of the air quality of 1600 cities in the world and Delhi was rated as one of the worst.

The ban should be extended to other metropolitan cities before we see a rerun of what was known as the Great Smog of Delhi, in 2016.


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