Tabrez Ansari Case – New Medical Report Reveals Cause Of Death

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On the 12th of September, the Mahatma Gandhi Memorial (MGM) Medical College released a new medical report revealing the cause behind the death of Tabrez Ansari, who was attacked by a mob in Jamshedpur.

On the 18th of June, when Tabrez, who worked as a labourer, was going back home, a mob attacked him.  They caught Tabrez and alleged him of stealing a motorcycle, following which, they tied him to a pole and beat him with sticks and rods for 7 long hours. 

According to the new medical report by the MGM Medical College, Tabrez Ansari, 24 years old, died due to severe injuries on his body and a skull fracture, which he suffered during the attack by the mob.

The Heads of Departments (HoDs) of the MGM Medical College of Jamshedpur signed the new medical report.

The report suggests Tabrez Ansari eventually died of cardiac arrest, which was caused due to several injuries on his brain and body.

The report reads, “The combined effect of fracture of the bone, pale organs and heart chambers full of blood resulted in cardiac arrest.”

Recently, the Jharkhand Police released the 11 accused of attacking Tabrez Ansari, after a Jharkhand hospital declared the reason behind Tabrez’s death was cardiac arrest.

To confirm the reason, the Jharkhand Police went to a high level committee and initiated the rechecking of the autopsy report.  The Police said, “We had doubts and we went for a second opinion from higher level experts from the forensic and pathological side and they also gave the same set of opinion. So, we had to charge them under section 304 instead of 302.”

A five member medical panel was constituted to look into the death of Tabrez Ansari.

Apart from this, the medical report by the MGM Medical College also dismissed all the rumours stating Tabrez consumed poison and died due to that, not due to the attack by the mob.

Dr. B. Mardi said, “It needs a lot of pressure to fracture a skull. But if somebody hit the skull hard, the injury can also affect the lungs and the heart. If you hit any part of the body, ultimately it leads to stress and has an effect on the lungs and the heart.”

After the reason behind Tabrez’s death was revealed, the accused will be charged under Section 304 (culpable homicide not amounting to murder) of the Indian Penal Code (IPC.)

Shahista Parveen, the wife of Tabrez Ansari, expressed concern about the murder charges against the accused being dropped and demanded a probe by the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI.)

Parveen said, “I strongly demand a CBI probe into the incident of lynching of my husband as I have no faith in the investigation by the district police.”

On the other hand, Kishan Reddy, the Minister of State for Home, said he will speak to the Jharkhand Government regarding the murder charges being dropped against the accused.  He said, “I do not know what happened in the courts….but those behind the criminal activity should be punished. We will speak to the State Government. All governments should stop lynching. It is not that lynching is happening only in Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) ruled States; it happened in West Bengal too. The Prime Minister has also spoken against it.”

The investigation regarding the mob’s vigilantism and Tabrez Ansari’s death is still underway.

Stay tuned for further updates.


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