Tamil Nadu Power Loom Weavers Strike Continues With Loss Of Rs 35 Crores

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In Tamil Nadu, the power loom weavers’ strike entered its fourth day on the 19th of September, Monday.

Notably, the weavers are demanding a hike in power tariffs, leading to closure of 1.75 lakh power looms, temporarily, with a loss of over Rs. 35 crores, in the past four days.  The strike, which started on the 15th of September, has affected Tiruppur and Coimbatore, two districts in Tamil Nadu where the maximum number of power looms are situated. 

Moreover, Mr. C. Palaniswamy, the president of the power loom unit weavers in Coimbatore and Tiruppur, said, “The strike has today entered the fourth day and this has led to a loss of Rs 35 crore per day.  The production of 1 crore meter length of fabric has also been affected due to the strike.” 

Two lakh workers are directly employed and another three lakh are indirectly employed in the power looms spread across Palladam and Somannur areas of the two districts where the maximum concentration of units are present.   However, due to the strike, workers, especially those on contracts and daily wage labourers are suffering with no job and money.   The present strike will also directly affect the workers as shutting down the power looms means no jobs and hence no money. 

A worker said, “I am not sure when the strike will come to an end.  We had strikes for wage hikes in January 2022 and continued for two months before it was called off in March.  The power looms were closed due to increase in prices of cotton and yarn and with the power tariff hike, there is again a shutdown.  All these are directly affecting the workers and we don’t know what to do else as we have been trained for this only.” 

The decision regarding the tariff hike is yet to be taken by the concerned Tamil Nadu Power loom industries.

Stay tuned for further updates.

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