Secrets create excitement and intrigue about something you would never have been attracted to if you knew the truth. Over the years, secrets have been kept for multiple reasons from fear to marketing strategies. Here is a list of 7 secrets that have been perfectly maintained and remain a secret till date.

7. Chartreuse
This is a 40 to 55 % green liquor made by Carthusian Monks since 1737. The monks mix 130 herbs and flowers into the drink and at present only two monks have been entrusted with the recipe.

6. Hapsburg Napkin Fold
This napkin fold was originally used at dinner tables for emperors and empresses of the Austro-Hungarian empire. The napkin fold is a unique way to fold one cloth into multiple conical shapes forming a perfect napkin setting for a royal supper. It is believed that the secret to the napkin fold is known to only two anonymous government employees.

5. Coca Cola
Coca Cola is a brand everyone is familiar with and many love as well. But to ensure that Coca Cola is not made by anyone else but the original company, the secret has been hidden from all prying eyes. At present only the two top executives of the company know the secret behind the fizzy drink. The original copy of the formula for the drink is locked up in a Suntrust Bank in Atlanta. To ensure Suntrust’s loyalty Coca Cola gave the bank 48.3 million shares of Coke stocks.

4. Kentucky Fried Chicken
KFC is one of the most loved fried chicken in the world. It is said to have 11 ingredients in the recipe to create the crispy juicy fried chicken that is finger licking good. Two of the top executives have been entrusted with the recipe that was created in 1930. Although, many have figured out the 11 ingredients used no one has been able to replicate the KFC chicken till date.

3. Led Zeppelin Symbol
The best Rock and Roll band of all time has managed to maintain a secret too. While releasing their fourth album the band decided to not name it. So, Atlantic Records asked them to use two metaphysical symbols for each member of the band. While each one picked a symbol whose history can be unearthed and understood, the lead guitarist Jimmy Page decided on a symbol used by the mathematician Cardano in 1557. The symbol by Cardano is a magical sigil for Saturn but Jimmy changed the symbol and till date has not revealed what it means to him.

2. You’re so Vain by Carly Simon
A song about revenge that has been listed as the 72nd best song of all time, remains a secret. The song was written by Carly Simon and she has never revealed who this hate based song is about. Other than her, the president of NBC Dick Ebersol who won a bid of $50,000 to guess who the song was written about knows the truth.

1. Area 51
A place deep in the Nevada desert that was considered a myth up until 2013 and then the CIA came out with the fact that it exists. But yet we are still unaware of what this giant desert base does. For 60 years the U.S. government kept everyone in the dark about Area 51. Till date, the area is highly guarded and for a civilian to enter is impossible. Only the people working at this facility know what goes on. The only piece of information regarding Area 51’s work is that it was formed to work on a special secret aircraft project code named ‘Aquatone’ which was to be used to spy on the Soviet Union back when Russia boasted about its nuclear power.