Sun, 21 January 2018. 04:08

On Saturday morning, Agra Cantt Railway Station witnessed two low intensity blasts. This was two hours after the Andaman Express crashed into a boulder placed on the tracks. The police recovered a note from the site which warned of terror attacks. This was 20 km from the station. The police said that no one was injured in these blasts.

The station has been temporarily sealed and the senior police officials inspected the surroundings. Divisional Railway Manager Prabhash Kumar speaking to the PTI said, “Two explosions were heard early today. The UP police have taken over and now forensic investigations are being done to determine the cause.”

The police about the Andaman Express, traveling to Chennai, said, “Luckily, the engine driver had seen it in time and applied emergency brakes. A note threatening terrorist attacks was found at the spot.”

The Taj Mahal has been secured off after this, as the 17th century monument poses a threat from ISIS.

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