Union Health Ministry Identifies 20 Existing and 22 Potential Epicentres of COVID-19

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On the 2nd of April, the Union Health Ministry, identified 20 existing and 22 potential epicentres to spread the Novel Coronavirus in India.

The Union Health Ministry, warned and  alerted the state governments to be on their toes and plan  precautions and preventive measures for future situations.

The Health Ministry said, “Although there is no evidence of widespread community transmission, 20 existing and 22 potential hotspots have been identified.  The containment measures to break the cycle of transmission and clinical management of those affected would require large human resources.” it said in the document.

According to the ministry they also emphasized the need of trained human resource team for field surveillance, contact tracing, sampling, packaging and shipment of specimen, hospital infection prevention and control, biomedical waste management, clinical case management including ventilator management, training on managing quarantine and isolation facilities and community based training in psychosocial care.  These are a few listed places, which could be the epicentre for the spread of the virus such as areas with isolation wards, quarantine homes, ICUs, psychosocial care, hospitals designated as COVID-19 treating centres and others. 

The ministry also advised states to identify and designate a nodal officer for training to coordinate all of the above activities.

The advisory by the Health  Ministry of India came when India reported 2,113 cases of Novel Coronavirus and 60 casualties due to the same.


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