Kerala Teen Gives His Life To Save Two Others

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Kerala Teen Gives His Life To Save Two Others

A Kerala teen gave his own life while trying to save his brother and friend from drowning. The 14 year old boy Firoz was playing football with his younger brother and friend at the Kadalayi shore in Kerala.

The ball went into the water and Firoz’s younger brother Fahad tried to retrieve it but began to drown. The friend went after Fahad but failed to rescue him. This pushed football crazed Firoz to save both the boys. Firoz managed to push the two boys back to the shore. But the strong current pushed Firoz further who drowned.

Firoz lay on the river bed for 15 whole minutes before he was rescued. The boy battled for his life in hospital for five days before breathing his last on Monday night. Firoz loved football, his notebooks were filled with drawings of the French flag and information on the FIFA World Cup 2018.

The last rites for little Feroz were held on Tuesday night. This is a one of a kind story and the cameraman present at the family’s home shared his unique experience.  

Vipin Murali’s Facebook

The cameraman for Asianet News Kannur Vipin Murali spoke about meeting Firoz’s family on Facebook. He posted, “On the front pillar of the house, there is a hand painted flag of France. Amid tears, his mother told us that Firoz was a good son and loved football. That’s when we noticed little Fahad, when he limped to stand beside his mother to console her.”

Remembering Firoz, Vipin said, “Today, his favorite team is playing in the semifinals. May be he is watching the match sitting in a gallery in heaven. Before he left the world, he saved two lives. I hope he gets his due share for what he has done.”

Firoz’s 13 year old brother Fahad cried as he told reporters he wanted his brother to come back to him. It took a lot of courage for Firoz to do what he did and may he rest in peace.


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