On Friday, the Kerala cyber police registered a non bailable case against the former State Police Chief, T.P. Senkumar. The reason behind the complaint is that he made statements in an interview, allegedly hurting communal harmony.

On Wednesday, a police investigation was initiated against him.

A news channel reported a case has been registered under the IPC Section 153 A, which relates to promoting enmity between different groups of religion, race, place of birth, language, etc.

He would face five years of imprisonment if the case is proved to be guilty.

After receiving complaints, the police department sought legal opinion from the director general of prosecutions, Manchery Sreedharan Nair.

Days after his retirement, 6 complaints were received regarding the content of the interview published in a Malayalam online magazine ‘samakalikamalayalam.com.’

Police sources said the case was registered after receiving the legal prespective from the DG. The publisher of the magazine has been listed as the co accused in the case.
Senkumar said in the interview that some people of the Muslim community had practiced ‘Love Jihad’ in the State. He also made statements about the growth of the Muslim population in the State and also about the share of Hindus in the population.

“The birth rate among Hindus, who constituted 54% of the population, was less than 48% and the birth rate among 19.5% of Christians was 15%,” Senkumar said.

Later, Senkumar said his statements in the interview were distorted.

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