A Laddu of Lakhs!


The much awaited auction of Balapur Laddu auction during Vinayaka Visrjan has been always a hot topic.The auction takes places on the 9th day of Vinayaka Chavathi in Balapur. The whole city awaits to see the auction. The bid will be starting at rate given by the Ganesh Utsav Committee.

In the year 2015, the Laddu was brought by Kallem Madan Mohan Reddy for  Rs.10,32,000/- (Ten Lakhs Thirty Two Thousand). This year the bid has been increased and it has been brought by Kallem Skylab Reddy for Rs.14,65,000/-(Fourteen Lakh Sixty Five Thousand). Mr. Skylab Reddy had a competition with Mr. Manne Balwanth Reddy till Rs.14,20,000/-(Fourteen Lakhs Twenty Thousand), and later Mr.Skylab Reddy  won the bid.

The Laddu takes a lot of hype with all the media coverage and the people who buy it get a feeling that there upcoming year would be happy and successful. The Laddu auction has been a great event for all the devotees and  eye candy for all the media during the Vinayaka Visarjan.


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