The Cyberabad cyber crime police arrested 30 people involved in the SBI fraud. Operating from Delhi the accused cheated 2,000 SBI credit card holders to a sum of Rs. 5 crores. The Police reported the main accused were 8 while the remaining were telecallers used for the fraud.

The gang fraudulently collected bank account details from the victims by claiming they won a prize. The accused then used the information to illegally withdraw money from those accounts.

The police seized Rs. 80 lakhs, a car and expensive gadgets. The main accused include Vijay Kumar Sharma, Vipin Kumar, Rehan Khan, Dharm Raj, Ashutosh Shrivastav, Abhijit Shrivastav, Sandeep Bajaj and Sita Kumari.

The police stated Sharma was the mastermind behind several online fraud cases registered in Delhi. Sharma came to Hyderabad where he met Bajaj and began plotting a massive SBI credit card scam.

The police explained, “They collected customer data from their old database and with the help of telecallers, made calls to them claiming they had won gifts. They collected the customer’s bank details including passwords and fraudulently withdrew money from the bank accounts.”

The fraud came to light when multiple customers placed complaints about unknown transactions. The most important thing to remember is to never share personal bank account details with anyone claiming you have won a prize.