Delhi Railways Affected Due To Smog


The smog surrounding Delhi affected the rail traffic from the National Capital Region. On Monday, the Railway Ministry announced 8 trains would be canceled, 22 rescheduled and 69 trains delayed. The Air Quality Index in certain areas of Delhi remain in the hazardous category. In Mandir Marg a particulate matter of 523 was recorded, Anand Vihar at 510, Shadipur at 420 and the worst in Punjabi Bagh at 743.

Air Quality Index recorded above 300 is considered hazardous while 100 is considered the normal level. The schools in Delhi were reopened today after five days. The children and staff were adviced to wear masks to avoid inhaling the toxic air. Delhiites noticed the air getting a bit better on Monday morning but a long term solution is required. The pollution in the National Capital is soaring high. At these levels, people with preexisting health conditions can worsen.

The Indian Meteorological Department predicteded rain due to the acceleration in wind speed on Monday. The rain is likely to continue till Thursday causing more problems for daily commuters.


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