In Jodhpur Rajasthan, a 17 year old girl was saved from a lake after she tried committing suicide. The girl had a Blue Whale carved on her hand and after being rescued told the police, “If I don’t complete my task my mother will die.”

On Monday night, the 17 year old daughter of a Border Security Force soldier left home saying she was going to the market.

Her parents began panicking after she did not return, they tried calling her but a stranger answered the phone. They later learned that the girl left her phone lying somewhere.

A worker who worked around the lake, Om Prakash noticed the girl who was crying. He said, “She was crying…I realized she was going to jump into the lake. I ran behind her and tried to stop her. I started talking to her and asked her what’s the matter, she said my mother will die. Why will your mother die, I asked. She said her game was nearing the end and if she did not complete her task her mother would die.”

The girl then sprinted and jumped into the lake, Om Prakash was shocked and ran behind her and pulled her out of the water.

Lekhraj Sihag, a police officer reported, “We got information at around 11 P.M., last night that a girl was driving around Kalyana lake…we reached the spot. She was pulled out just in time.”

The girl was taken back home and told her parents of the incident.

India has been plagued with this horrendous game called Blue Whale that targets depressed and suicidal youngsters. The game gives the players a set of gruesome tasks of self harm that end with suicide. The people behind the game gather all the information of the youngsters and use it to threaten them if they want to back out of the game.