Hasini Case: Chengalpet Mahila Court Orders Dhasvanth To Be Hanged

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Hasini Case: Chengalpet Mahila Court Orders Dhasvanth To Be Hanged

Yesterday the Chengalpet Mahila Court ordered Dhasvanth to be hanged. Dhasvanth is an accused held for r*pe and m***er of the seven year old Hasini. He is also further accused of claiming the life of his mother and absconding with the jewellery.

Dhasvanth, a 23 year old techie, just minutes after his sentence screamed, “Don’t believe what they say, they are b******s.” The abuse was hurled minutes after the Judge exited the room. It is said this is not the first jibe hurled at those who worked towards getting justice for Hasini.

The Special Judge Justice Velmurugan listed out the six sections under which he was convicted. Everyone called for maximum punishment but when asked, Dhasvanth said, “I want minimum punishment.” Dhasvanth’s father fought for him in September last year, to obtain bail. He suspended the services of his lawyer after he found his wife’s lifeless body at their Kundrathur residence. Dhasvanth claimed the life of his mother just days after he was brought back home.

Justice Velmurugan announced Dhasvanth will serve 7 years in jail for kidnapping, 10 years for abduction with intent to ass***t, 7 years for intent to disrobe a woman, 7 years for destroying evidence and 15 years under Protection of Children from Se**al Offences (POCSO) Act.

As the accused was escorted away from the Court policemen distributed chocolates. People gathered to congratulate them and the sound of firecrackers echoed outside the Court.


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