Hyderabad: Bonalu Celebrations Set Up With Elaborate Arrangements

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Hyderabad: Bonalu Celebrations Set Up With Elaborate Arrangements

As the Bonalu festival approaches the city of Hyderabad is in full swing with the elaborate arrangements. On Friday, the City Police Commissioner Anjani Kumar held a coordination meeting with all the Departments at the Salar Jung Museum.  

Mr. Anjani explained, “There will be massive security arrangements for the Bonalu procession on behalf of the Hyderabad City Police. The entire procession will be under CCTV surveillance.”

There will be an additional 100 surveillance cameras along the procession route. The SHE Teams, Anti Snatching Teams, Task Force and Central Crime Station Teams will be deployed to watch over the crowds.  

Mr. Anjani also appealed the locals to not believe any rumors spread. He further stressed strict action would be taken against miscreats who try to cause ruckus.

Over 3,000 police personnel will be deployed at the Ujjaini Mahankali Temple in Secunderabad. The police have also announced no Disco Jockey will be allowed to perform at the celebrations.

A total of 25 SHE Teams will be kept at the temple to watch over the women. The SHE Teams are an in disguise team who catch harassers red handed.

Battery cars will be used at the temple to help senior citizens who are forced to walk for hours. There will be road restrictions which will be released by the Hyderabad Police.


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