Hyderabad: Humane Society Rescues 3 Great Danes

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Hyderabad: Humane Society Rescues 3 Great Danes

The Hyderabad Humane Society rescued three Great Danes in Meerpet. The dogs were used for illegal breeding and once they started suffering with a number of health issues, the breeders abandoned them.  

The volunteers responded to a call from the area about three sick and injured dogs roaming the streets. The Society members were shocked to find the Great Danes in an absolute state of neglect.

Cruelty Response Manager at the Society, Apoorva Katpatal stated, “The owner of the dogs was carrying out illegal breeding in his backyard for a long time. Apparently, the dogs stopped breeding a couple of months ago, after showing signs of ill health. Since they were no longer commercially profitable to him, the owner abandoned them, leaving them to forage for food in the garbage.”

She further explained that these dogs never received any basic medical attention and would never be able to survive on the streets. The dogs were taken to an emergency veterinary attention facility. There the dogs were diagnosed with a number of diseases, including suspected bone cancer.

The dogs are being treated for open and infected sores, severe malnourishment and parasite infestation.

The Managing Director of the Society N. G. Jayasimha stated, “The vast majority of puppies sold in pet stores in India come from illegal breeders who raise dogs in appalling conditions. We are working to educate consumers about the benefits of adopting dogs instead of purchasing them in pet stores.”


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