Hyderabad: New York Company Techolution To Expand In The City

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Hyderabad: New York Company Techolution To Expand In The City

A New York Headquartered IT solutions company Techolution has decided to expand its center in Hyderabad. With an investment of Rs. 3 crore Techolution will expand its office in Financial District.

Techolution is a four year old company that excels in predictive analysis, cloud automation, web UI modernisation, big data and many more niche areas. The facility has employed 150 people so far and plans on set up the second facility in the next 6 months.

CEO and Founder of Techolution Luv Tulsidas said, “We work on number of different projects like smart cities, power grid projects and other services for enterprises. And we have about 50 per cent of our workforce about 150 people in Hyderabad and going ahead with our new center we plan to have an employee count of 1,000 people in the next one year.”

Techolution has worked on developing a smart power grid with the Kolkata Government. It also assisted the Mauritius Government by setting up sensors in water pipes to measure wastage and theft. Now the company is working on facial recognition with the use of IoT which scans the employees and recognizes them to register. This technology completely replaces the punching in system.

Talking about the facial recognition project Tulsidas said, “We have filed for five patents so far in the space of facial recognition, virtual realty, IoT and others. We are bullish on our growth in the Indian market and particularly in the Hyderabad region as we find that the talent pool in this region is immense.”

Techolution has branches in Singapore and Mauritius other than the headquarters in New York and now Hyderabad. The city has become a hub for huge technology companies from around the world.


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