Hyderabad Student Hangs Himself On Whatsapp Video Call

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Hyderabad Student Hangs Himself On Whatsapp Video Call

A 20 year old ITI student hung himself on a live video call with a girl on Wednesday in Hyderabad. Ajmer Sagar lived in Vinayak Nagar at his elder sister’s house.

Sagar was an ITI second year student at a Government Institute in Sanathnagar. On Wednesday, at around 10:45 A.M., Sagar hung himself when his sister and relatives were in their village.

Sub Inspector at Neredmet J. Venkat Reddy said, “After his sister and relatives left home, Sagar was alone. Sagar’s sister contacted the house owner and said that he was not answering her calls. He then went to check and found the body hanging.”

The police recovered a Whatsapp video call from Sagar’s mobile phone. The video shows Sagar talking to a minor girl who rejected his proposal. The girl and her friend then watched in horror as Sagar committed suicide.


Neredmet Inspector M. Jagadish Chander said Sagar was in love with the minor girl in the video. The girl and the family refused Sagar’s proposal sending the ITI student in depression. Sagar had an app on his phone to record Whatsapp video calls and save it to the phone.

Chander said, “The girl was watching him when Sagar hanged himself. Along with her, there was another girl too, who is seen waving her hand asking him not to take the extreme step.”

The phone has been sent to the Telangana Forensic Science Laboratory for examination. The police further stated a detailed investigation would be done. Sagar’s body was given to the family after the autopsy at Gandhi Hospital morgue on Thursday.

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