On Tuesday, a 12th standard student’s body was found on the outskirts of Hyderabad. The girl’s body was found after the parents filed a missing complaint after their daughter left the house on Saturday evening and did not return.

The police initially thought it was suicide but the girl’s family refused to believe their daughter would commit suicide saying she was strong and would never commit suicide.

The police continued the investigation and found CCTV footage of the girl walking into the lane her body was found with a friend.

It was reported today that the girl was killed by the friend. The police immediately arrested the boy responsible.

The boy has been identified as Sai Kiran who was the girl’s classmate in school.

Sai Kiran even visited the girl’s house to give his condolences to the grieving family.

The accused confessed to his crime after getting arrested and told the police that they were in a relationship and Sai Kiran wanted to end the relationship. But the girl pressured him to continue their relationship and eventually marry her. So, Sai Kiran decided to get rid of her.

On Saturday, the accused took the victim to Ameenpur hillocks and in between a heated argument he assaulted her and threw her off the hillock leading to her death.

Sai Kiran is in police custody but the father of the victim, Kishore Jain suspects that the boy did not commit the crime alone and there were others involved.