Hyderabad The Second Dynamic City In World

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The World Economic Forum (WEF) released its list of top 30 global cities, in which Hyderabad ranks as the 2nd most dynamic city in the world.

According to the City Momentum Index (CMI,) 2019, by Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL,) which is yet to be launched, Hyderabad is at the 2nd position among the top 30 global cities in terms of development and real estate. The list starts with Bengaluru, which stands at the first position, followed by Hyderabad, Hanoi, Delhi and Pune respectively.

The America based JLL is a popular professional services and investment management company which specialises in real estate. The Company will soon launch its 6th edition of the City Momentum Index. In the last year’s edition of the CMI, Hyderabad stood first.

The CMI, which ranks 131 major established and emerging business hubs across the world, also identifies the growing real estate markets across the globe and their ability to grow and develop.

The World Economic Forum said, “Although momentum in the global economy appears to have peaked, there are still many cities in the world where real estate and economic growth continue to be robust.”

In the 6th edition of the City Momentum Index, JLL will concentrate on the commercially active cities and depict how businesses and governments can work together to accelerate development.



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