Kamal Haasan Launches Maiam Whistle App

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Kamal Haasan Launches Maiam Whistle App

The Makkal Needhi Maiam Chief Kamal Haasan finally launched his whistleblower app called Maiam Whistle. The app’s launch was held at the party office in Chennai and a presentation was shown to understand the workings of the app.

Describing his app Haasan said, “This app is a tool where the individual blows the whistle on issues like environmental pollution, crimes and corruption…this is a first step towards solution and is not a magic wand.”

Actor turned politician Haasan had announced the app in November last year and said it would be launched by January 2018. In an advertisement for the community driven app Kamal talks about pollution, corruption and failed promises of the government. 

The politician was quoted saying, “The common people can also do what the media does. The members of the Makkal Needhi Maiam will support their work. The application can be used to report and flag environmental pollution, crimes, corruption and other issues. It can be used to blow the whistle [on such activities]. This is the first step towards a solution.”

He urged people to use the app to register these issues with video or photographic evidence. Mr. Haasan then promises the case would be taken to the concerned authorities for action.   

Haasan also warned the people using the app and said, “There will be pranksters who [will] try to bring the platform down to prove that it is not worth it. We are aware of it and filters have been built into it [the app]. Continuous [flagging of] false information will result in the member being barred.”

The app has two modes either Citizen or Champion. Citizen is for those who want to bring forth an issue while the Champion verifies the Citizen’s claims. The app registers three Champions from the app to verify one citizen’s claims.

To join the app one must register with the Makkal Needhi Maiam party. The app will also ask for extra details like DOB, the area of interest, voter ID and ward number.


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