KTR Promises Broadband Connection To Households in Telangana

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KTR Promises Broadband Connection To Households in Telangana

The Information Technology Minister of Telangana K. T. Rama Rao stated all households in Telangana will have a broadband internet connection by December next year. The Telangana Fibregrid Project received a boost from Vijaya Bank who loaned Rs. 361 crores.

On Wednesday, KTR directed the officials to speed up the work in order to achieve the target.

During a review meeting, KTR stated about the Mission Bhagiratha work progressing along with the Fibregrid project. The Mission Bhagiratha aims at providing drinking water supply to every household.

“There is a need to speed up the work to provide internet connection as well,” he added.

Under the Digital Telangana Project, fibre cables are being laid along water pipelines. This is done to ensure broadband internet connectivity to every household.

The Digital Telangana Project was launched on the 1st of July 2015. This project was started with an aim to ensure digital facilities become available to each and every person in the State.

The Minister wanted the Telangana Fibregrid officials to coordinate with Mission Bhagiratha officials. He advised them to ensure fibre optic cables are laid to every household in 72 municipal areas in the State.

The Minister said broadband connectivity to every household will open the doors for new opportunities in the fields of health, education, trade and commerce among others. Education and healthcare sectors in rural areas is expected to improve drastically with access to broadband connectivity, said Rama Rao.

A Technology Demonstration Network in four villages of Maheshwaram Mandal near Hyderabad will be completed in the first week of January, he further added.

The Mission Bhagiratha works are scheduled to be completed by June next year. The Telangana Fibergrid works are expected to be completed by August next year.


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