Love Hyderabad Structure To Be Moved To People’s Plaza

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The typographic structure that reads “Love Hyderabad” placed at Tank Bund is being shifted. The structure was installed less than a year ago but the Hyderabad Metropolitan Development Authority (HMDA) plans to repaint it and keep it at People’s Plaza.

Some have suggested the move is being made as it posed a security threat to people climbing it for pictures. A few other reports state it causes a traffic nightmare. Many people stop their bikes near the structure to take selfies, piling up the traffic on the road. The authorities have provided proper parking spaces that the citizens never use.

Telangana’s IT Minister K.T. Rama Rao inaugurated the structure with Hyderabad’s Mayor Bonthu Rammohan and other officials in November 2016. At the inauguration, KTR said, “We want to make Tank Bund beautiful and a place for amusement and recreation for the people. HMDA and GHMC will work together to beautify the city and increase the tourist spots in Hyderabad.”

The structure was put up in an attempt to beautify Hyderabad. But within a week of its inauguration, it began getting vandalized. Some people scribbled love messages while others climbed it and dirtied it.

One of the guards explained, “Visitors clicking pictures climb on the structure and make it dirty, but if you tell them to move, they abuse us. Mostly youngsters come after midnight in groups and don’t listen to any of the security guards and create problems for us.”


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