Manohar Parrikar Is Scared Because Women Drink Beer

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Manohar Parrikar Is Scared Because Women Drink Beer

Manohar Parrikar, the Chief Minister of Goa, had some interesting remarks about women while addressing the State Youth Parliament. This event was organized by the State Legislature Department in Goa. 

CM Parrikar began speaking about the peddling of narcotics in the State and expressing concern for the youths indulging in substance use. He said, “I have begun to fear now, because even the girls have started drinking beer. The tolerance limit is being crossed.”

Parrikar went on to clarify his statement so as to not cause a controversy. He said, “I am not talking about everyone. I am not talking about these people who are sitting here.” But miserably failed to stop the media from reporting about it. The Chief Minister also vowed the crackdown of narcotics would not stop till the illegal business is closed.   

The Goan politician also bragged about the 170 people who were arrested in connecting with peddling. But the law in Goa has become lenient and many of the accused get back to the streets within days of the arrest. Not all the peddlers go back to being good citizens many continue on the illegal path.

According to Parrikar this is because these Goans do not want to work hard. He explained there is always a long queue at the lower division clerk’s job at the Government department. He smirked and added people believe Government job means no work.


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