Pawan Kalyan Comments About Sri Reddy’s Sexual Assault Allegations

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Pawan Kalyan Comments About Sri Reddy’s Sexual Assault Allegations

Jana Sena Chief Pawan Kalyan commented about Tollywood actress Sri Reddy’s recent sexual assault allegation at a protest against the recent rape case in Jammu. The actor turned politician demanded stringent laws against those committing violence against women.

Kalyan was asked about Sri Reddy’s recent sexual allegations to which he said, “If they want justice, they should go to (the) police stations and the courts, not T.V., stations.”

He further added, “It is of no use if she keeps talking on the television channels instead of fighting her case in courts. Media can only deliver a message. Only the government wings can give her justice.”

Sri Reddy held a protest outside the office of Telugu Film Chamber of Commerce on the 7th of April. She sat shirtless outside the Chamber protesting the casting couch which is a euphemism for sexual harassment. The actress attempted to pass on the message of the seriousness of the casting couch in the Tollywood industry.

Sri Reddy named famous Tollywood personalities and accused them of sexual assault. But the actress has denied filing police complaints stating she would like to sort the problem within the Tollywood family. The actress aimed at getting the Movie Artists’ Association (MAA) to set up a committee to take up issues against women in the movie industry.

Initially, the MAA denied her demands and banned her from getting a membership. But after the involvement of the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC,) the MAA reverted the ban and set up a committee.

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