Fri, 19 January 2018. 17:02

Authorities took action and arrested the principal and a few teachers from Ryan International School in Gurgaon. The action was taken after a seven year old boy was killed in the washroom of the school.

A group of policemen were stationed at the school after a major riot broke out as parents protested against the negligence of the school and lack of security. The protesters went as far as setting a liquor shop on fire.

Today, authorities will be questioning the rest of the teachers and staff at the school.

The boy’s throat was slit by a bus conductor from the school for refusing sexually advances the conductor made.

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The child’s parents have demanded a CBI probe and are considering to go to court as well.

A three member Special Investigation Team was sent to collect information from the school and reported that most of the CCTV cameras in the school are not in function.

The team also reported that the school had one toilet shared by the students and the bus conductors and drivers.

An even more disturbing detail showed that the school hired most of the staff without a background check and police verification.

The school declared that it will remain closed for another two days in wake of the horrible incident.


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