Telangana: A 700 Year Old Banyan Tree Revived With Drip

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A 700 year old Banyan tree was revived with the help of a drip in the State of Telangana. One of the tree’s branches was infected by termites and in a desperate attempt to save it officials used a drip. The drip bottles are filled with diluted pesticides to kill the termites.   

This majestic tree is in Mahabubnagar district and spans across three acres. This tree is also considered the second biggest Banyan tree in the world. This tree is one of the major tourist attractions and popularly called Pillalamarri or Peerla Marri in Telangana.

Last December, authorities shut the tree to the public after one of its branches fell due to the rampant infestation. The officials took immediate action and used a drip filled with diluted chemical Chlorpyrifos for every two meters of the huge tree.

Mahabubnagar District Forest Officer Chukka Ganga Reddy said,  “We diluted the Chlorpyrifos chemical and started pushing it into the stem by keeping holes, but it didn’t work out. The solution was coming back instantly. Later we started injecting solution like a saline drip.”

Mr. Reddy was pleased to inform the saline drip method was effective and for better results, the hanging roots are also watered with the diluted chemical. The Forest Official also informed a concrete structure was built to support the Banyan tree’s branches.  

The Officials said the tree was in a stable condition and hopes it will soon be open to the public. Until the tree recovers and the Forest Department approves tourists will be forced to see the tree from a distance.



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