Telangana Health Minister Inaugurates New 108 Fleet  

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Telangana Health Minister Inaugurates New 108 Fleet

Telangana Health Minister C. Laxman Reddy inaugurated a new 108 ambulance fleet in Hyderabad. The 145 new vehicles were flagged off from the Nizam College Grounds.   

These vehicles will replace the old ones from the fleet of 316 ambulances. A fleet of 145 vehicles was added to the 108 ambulances last year as well.   

Addressing the public at the inauguration Laxman Reddy said, “We are giving utmost importance to mobile health services. We earlier launched the ‘102’ ambulance services exclusively to cater to pregnant women and newborns.”  

The Government has also introduced 108 bike ambulances which are succeeding on the streets n Hyderabad. The Minister explained the two wheelers were helpful to bring village patients to the Auxiliary Nurse Midwives (ANMs) for treatment. The ANMs is a village level female health worker who acts as a point of contact between the village and health services.

Out of the 145 vehicles, 60 have advanced life support equipment. The Government plans to equip all the ambulances with advanced life support over the next few years.  

Home Minister N. Narshimha Reddy praised the Health Minister for the improvement of the health sector in Telangana. The Health Minister also announced eye tests for every citizen of Telangana.  

The Health Minister Reddy also said health profiles were being made for the public based on the foreign countries reports. This will make it easier for patients from Telangana to acquire treatment with the health profile.  


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